Rotary E-Club

Rotary e-clubs are clubs that meet online. For many members, this new way of experiencing Rotary offers the benefits of a Rotary club, with added flexibility.

Other than meeting online to conduct club business, Rotary e-clubs are essentially the same as any other Rotary club: club members carry out service projects, support The Rotary Foundation, and socialize and network with each other. The main difference? E-clubs are accessible 24/7.


Although each e-club is based in a specific district, its membership can be drawn from anywhere in the world. Other e-clubs may choose to focus their membership on a particular region or community. View a list of current Rotary e-clubs.

E-clubs became official in July 2010. Club members range from young professionals to retirees E-clubs attract members who live in different places throughout the year, have family or work commitments, travel frequently, or have limited mobility. Also, any Rotarian can make up a missed meeting by participating in an e-club online meeting. The addition of Rotary e-clubs reflects the growth of online communities and the sheer number of Rotarians — and potential new members –who are already meeting and interacting online.

Meeting formats

Rotary e-clubs offer a variety of meeting formats such as webinars, videoconferencing, message boards, instant messaging, or Skype to facilitate either simultaneous or asynchronous communication. Before an e-club meeting, a club representative posts content for that week’s meeting. Club members then attend the meeting online to discuss topics and plan projects. Some Rotary e-clubs even supplement their meetings with in-person meetings.

Service projects

E-clubs facilitate international service by initiating projects or collaborating with other Rotary clubs around the world. At the same time, an e-club might focus on a particular geographic region with local community service projects where members participate in person.

If you’re interested in starting an e-club, contact your district governor (as outlined in Organizing New Clubs: A Guide for District Governors and Special Representatives). See “What You Need to Know about Rotary E-Clubs” for more about Rotary e-clubs and how they function.

If you have questions about e-clubs, ask your Club and District Support representative.