“Timro Surakshya- Hamro Kartabya” Awareness Against Child Sexual Abuse

With the help of like minded friends and professionals in similar fields, Rotary E-Club of District 3292, Nepal supported awareness program against child sexual abuse primarily in Nepal and developing countries through education, campaigns, trainings, surveys and ground support.

We have come together with a common goal to increase awareness among children, guardians, schools and society with the mission to stop child sexual abuse within schools primarily in Nepal and other developing countries. Hence, we have started a movement called “Timro Surakshya- Hamro Kartabya” through which we plan to increase awareness, raise voices, question the culture of acceptance, and demand actions.

Let’s join hands in making safer places for our kids, because as a society, as parents, educators, guardians, we owe it to them.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Timro-Surakshya-Hamro-Kartabya-412014729361565/


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