Strategic Plan 2018-21

Vision of Rotary E-Club of District 3292-Nepal

“To reach out to needy communities and provide humanitarian service through participation of young professionals and promotion of Rotary ideals”

Strategic Plan 2017-20 of Rotary E-Club of District 3292-Nepal for 3 years

Rotary E-Club of District 3292-Nepal formulated & adopted a 3 years Strategic Plan during Rotary Year 2017-18. The revised strategic plan of club shall be applicable till Rotary Year 2019-20 and then after shall be reviewed.

Following are current Strategic Priorities of the Club based on the objectives & guidelines of Rotary International:

Strategic Priority 1: Humanitarian Service Projects

–         Projects on 6 Focus Areas of the Rotary

–         Support to District with meaningful service projects

–         Support to Eradicate Polio

–         Emphasize on vocational service

–         Focus on New Generations program under Youth Service Avenue of the club

–          Long term projects considering sustainability and mass benefit

–          Execute service/humanitarian projects by applying District Grant & Global Grant

–          Collaboration and connection with other organizations

 Strategic Priority 2: Contribution to The Rotary Foundation

–          Educate the club members on the significance of The Rotary Foundation

–          Increase the number of club members contributing The Rotary Foundation through Every Year Every Rotarian, Rotary Foundation Sustaining Member and Paul Harris Fellow

–          Promotion of The Rotary Foundation and its focus areas

–          Participate and support to The Rotary Foundation Programs

Strategic Priority 3: Promotion of Rotary and its ideals

–          Enhance club’s public image

–          Publicize action oriented service

–          Promote core values of Rotary

–          Establish a pleasant relation with local media

–          Build links with other community organizations

Strategic Priority 4: Membership Development & Extension

–          Increase membership base from diverse backgrounds and professions

–          Ensure 100% retention of membership

–          Encourage club members to participate in a variety of service projects

–          Develop leaders and encourage leadership beyond club level

–          Educate and create awareness among the club members

Strategic Priority 5: Effective Club Administration

–          Conduct effective club regular meetings, board meetings and committee meetings

–          Organize club activities in effective way

–           Formulation of club documents for smooth club operation

–          Ensure proper and timely communication among club members

–          Organize regular social events to promote fellowship

–          Encourage club members for regular attendance and active participation

–          Effective financial management

Objectives and action plans for the Year 2018-19

Based on Strategic priorities, the Club will have following major objectives for the Rotary Year 2018-19.

  1. Conducting Service Projects

As the club has entered into 6th year of charter, the focus will be in conducting meaningful Service Projects considering long term impact and sustainability.  The projects will be undertaken after identifying the need of the communities and also focusing on 6 focus areas of Rotary Foundation and district goals.

Further, the club shall continue to organize the service projects which was initiated during previous years including the Signature Club project, i.e. Hand Wash Installation at schools and Scholarship project.

The proposed activities for the year are:

–          Distribution of scholarships and necessary supports to needy students of government school under Laxmi Hada Memorial Scholarship project to additional 20 Students.

–          Continue to support Shree Bhanodaya Primary school, Sano Gau Lalitpur under “Adopt A School” concept and initiate additional support programs with Providing Clean Water, Scholarship, Hand Wash, Tree Plantation,  Library at.

–        Program Related to Protecting Environment, Preventive Diseases, Growing Local Economies

–       Health Camp at Dalsinge Kavre

–      Support with volunteering for Rotary E-Club of District 3300, Singapore’s “Gift of Sight” project in Nepal (Tentative date is December 2018).

–     Joint Alliance with Rotary Club of Nancy, France in Skill Birth Kit Training

  1. Contribution to The Rotary Foundation & Promotion

The club has following objectives to contribute to The Rotary Foundation and participate in TRF related programs/activities

–          Contribution to Annual Fund: 5 new PHF fellows

–          Club members to contribute TRF through Every Year Every Rotarian- 5 Nos $ 100 Each

–          $300 contribution to Polio Plus Fund

–          Participate in District Grant Management Seminar, District Rotary Foundation Seminar, Stewardship Seminar and supervision of Polio Camps during National Immunization days.

–          Participate/support in Polio Camps during National Immunization days (at least 5 club members).

–          Promote activities of The Rotary Foundation and it’s objectives among club members during club meetings by sharing information/videos etc.

–          Encourage club members to go to learning center at to get course & information about TRF, Grant Application procedures, Peace Program etc.

–          Work with Rotary Alumni member: invite at least one Rotary Alumni to regular weekly meeting and share his/her personal experiences of how the foundation changes lives. Similarly, at least one program shall be organized with Rotary Alumni of District 3292.

  1. Promotion of Rotary and E-Club

In order to promote and increase awareness of Rotary and it’s activities in the community, the club shall work on with following objectives:

–        Promote Rotary in Community with Hoarding Board or Signage or Wall Paint.

–          Publication of quarterly E-Newsletter and circulate the same to Rotary District Officials, national and international Rotary clubs.

–          Promote club activities through extensive use of Club Website, Facebook and Instagram.

–          Promote Club Activities through Video presentation of Service Projects

–          Issue press releases to local media featuring club service projects and other programs

–          Invite local media persons to club meetings and activities

–          Print Club T-Shirt And Rotarian In Action Jacket

–          Presentation among young professionals and youth organizations in order to attract membership along with promotion of Rotary.

–          News coverage of club projects/activities in newspapers/magazines.

–           Making of Four Way Test message or Rotary logo printed Pen Holder/Cup and encourage the club members to display at their work stations.

  1. Membership Development and Extension

The club will have following objectives:

–         Increase membership base from diverse backgrounds and professions

–         Induct 5 additional members, along with 2 ladies, at the end of this year.

–          Retain minimum 90% membership

–          Conduct at least 3 orientation programs (in the month of August, December 2018 and May 2019) for proposed new members.

–         Conducting Classification survey.

–          To develop a Member Information Kit to provide information of Rotary, its activities and Rotary E-Club Through “DO You KNOW?

–          Organize a club training program or interactive session for club members for providing & enhancing Rotary Knowledge.

–          Assign an experienced club member to a new member as mentor for providing & guiding to become a true Rotarian.

–         Organize at least 4 meetings of the committee

–          Grooming club members to make them ready to assume leadership position in the club and district level in coming days through experience & information sharing and organizing trainings.

  1. Youth Service and RI Programs

 –     Organize 6 committee meetings (one meeting in every two months)

  –     Organize one Leadership Development Training program for Youths & Rotaract/Interact Club members with Rotaract Club of Kathmandu Metropolis and Rotaract Club of Patan

–      Co-hosting one of the RYLA Programs to be organized by Rotary District

–      Sponsor at least 2 youths to participate in RYLA events to be organized within this year.

–     Attending the regular club of meeting of Rotaract Club of Kathmandu Metropolis and inviting the Rotaractors to attend the regular meeting of E-Club.

–     Continuation of Young Professionals Mentorship Program and addition of 4 new young professionals in the program and two more mentors.

–    Celebrating World Rotaract Week through various joint activities with Rotaract Club of Kathmandu Metropolis (joint meeting, fellowship Futsal Match and a service project).

–     Sponsoring Interact Club and celebrating World Interact Week in the month of November 2018.

–   Celebration of Youth Service Month in May 2019 with a program for youths

–    Supporting activities of Rotaract Clubs including District Event: Mr. & Miss Rotaract 2019

–   Continuation of last year’s club project with a title “Youth Speaks” in which a youth shall be invited in regular weekly meeting and give a speech on the topic of their interest.

6: Effective Club Administration

–    Conduct at least 5 Club Assemblies, 1 DG Visit, 12 BOD Meetings, 12 Regular meetings (Physical), 36 Online Meetings and 6 committee meetings (at least one in every two months).

–   Encouraging 65% attendance in regular weekly meetings and 80% attendance in Physical board meetings.

–   Encouraging active participation of club members in club programs & other club programs including district events like District Conference, District Training Assembly, Grant Management Seminar, TRF Seminar & other district evens.

–   Helping all club members in registering

–     4 Joint Meetings with NRCL or Zone 12 or Region 3 or Other Clubs

–   Conducting 6 Classification Talk programs, 6 Talk Program by guest speakers during regular weekly meetings

–   At least 4 Fellowship Programs with participation of spouses & children during Family Month (December), Rotary Birthday (23rd February 2018), Chartered Day (31st May 2019) and Installation Ceremony (June end/July)

–  Joint celebration of Birthdays/Anniversaries of club members in every 3 months with fellowship.

–     Ensure proper and timely communication among club members through Communication Flow Chart developed by the club and also effective use of Email/SMS/ Phone Calls/Viber/Facebook Messengar for communication & correspondence.

–     Encourage 24 out of 33 club members for regular attendance and active participation through various activities

–     Effective financial management as per Finance Bylaws of the club, Budget Presentation & Ensuring Timely Audit Report and approval from the Board.

–    Registration of club at District Administration Office and Social Welfare Council in order to get legal status.

–    Organizing program for spouse (training/workshop/fellowship/mentorship/service project)

–    Publication of quarterly E-Newsletters

–    Payment of RI & District Dues within the deadline given by the District

–    Preparation of Club’s Budget for 2018-19 and finalization of financial statements including Audit in time.

–    Conducting financial transactions of the club including all bank procedures as per guidelines mentioned in Club Finance Rule and Club Bylaws.

–    Use of technology for Club Data Management (Google Drive) and Content Management in Club’s website.

–     Establishment of Twin Club relationship with international Rotary Clubs in view of communication with Rotary E-Club of Canada and Mammoth Lake Rotary Club, USA

–     Joint service projects with Rotary Club of Bukit Kiara Sunrise, Malaysia (Health Camp at Dalsinge, Kavre), with Rotary E-Club of District 3310, Singapore(Gift of Sight project at Janakpur) and a Rotary Club in Denmark (Educational project at Parbat School).