Message from District Governor 2018-19



     Dear Fellow Rotarians

Happy New Rotary Year (2018-2019)! I am so excited, humbled, and honored to serve alongside you as your Governor for the Rotary Year 2018-2019. With the new Rotary Year, we have the changing in guard in our leadership throughout Clubs, District, and throughout the Rotary world. We should all bring the new vigor energy and fresh perspectives to carrying out the responsibilities bestowed upon us by our fellow Rotarians to move the agenda of Rotary to serve humanity spirited by the Motto “Service Above Self”, while also maintaining and following the good track record of our predecessor Rotary Leaders. Our Rotary International President Barry Rassin has given us the theme “Be the Inspiration” and says, “Most important of all, we need to Be the Inspiration for positive change, inspiring our clubs, our communities, and our organization to face today’s challenges head on, with courage, optimism, and creativity.” It was in August 1999, gentleman very senior to me and as it is a respectable person enters my office after the exchange of few words and normal formalities he talked about his plan,- formation of a Rotary club and invites me to join it. I had some interest already in the service to humanity. After few minutes of talk I agreed to join the club and at the same time we discussed about the busy schedule as Chief Executive of an organization.

We also discussed and agreed that being busy is all about priority, bringing the club as part of regular agenda and after that time should not be a problem. The person who invited me to join Rotary as Charter member of Rotary Club of Kantipur was no other then our Charter President Rtn Prabal SJ B Rana. Sponsored by Rotary Club of Patan west Kantipur had its charter presentation on 15 May 2000. Since then club never looked back, it grew and in the able coordination of Charter President, everyone in the club devoted them self for Rotary and its cause. Friends this is what inspiration is all about we get inspired by simply meeting with a person by a small discussion or things we did for someone or even by closely observing someone doing their job well. But in all of these there has to be a close interaction, involvement and some short of engagement. In working together these creative things starts from one simple and basic thing “Reach out”. When we reach out to our members and listen to them we not only understand their aspirations but also their ideas and opinions, we can in fact explore many ideas to invent the best alternatives on resolving the issue or managing resources.

During implementation phase when the ideas generated by connecting to our members in case of club issue or to the community we are serving in case of community projects, it creates new rays of hope within our members and members of the community which leads to exemplary performance. those rays of hope within our members, the members of the community and the exemplary performance ultimately lead us to “ be the inspiration “ to others. Friends, during the year and beyond we need to create such Inspiration in all the five standing committee to strengthen our clubs. We need to create Inspiration within the communities we serve by implementing service projects in six areas of focus. Our belief is – the District team we have formed is capable of taking the charge, Presidents of all the Clubs have the required ability, energy and persistence in achieving the goal and are fully committed to the cause of Rotary, at the end those positive energy will lead us to our goal. Let us set an example as – people in action and “be the inspiration “to others.

Thank You

Chintamani Bhattarai

District Governor RY 2018-2019